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Serve at one service & attend another.

• Employ your passions and skills in serving God at Black Rock
• Follow Jesus’ example of meeting needs wherever you go
• Develop as a leader who empowers others to serve Jesus with joy and confidence

Serving Spotlight

Production/Tech Team

Light Board Programmer

You will be responsible for programming the light cues between service elements, including during the worship sets, announcements, the sermon and videos.

Training is provided.



In this age of more online viewership, Camera Operators play an important role in helping people watching online experience the service in a way that will connect them to God.

No experience necessary!

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Time of Day

Contemporary Services Musician/Vocalist
Ministry: Music
Day of Week: Sunday
Time of Day: Morning
Time: Sunday 8:30 AM, Wednesday 7:00 PM
Requirements: Previous experience Auditions required Attend BRC for at least 6 months

As a part of the contemporary worship band, you’ll have the opportunity to honor God and inspire people by playing modern worship music at our Sunday services.

Traditonal Service Choir/Musician
Ministry: Music
Day of Week: Sunday, Thursday
Time of Day: Morning, Evening
Time: Sunday 7:45 AM, Thursday 7:00 PM
Requirements: Previous experience Auditions required Attend BRC for at least 6 months

As a member of the worship team you will play a role in leading the congregation in worshiping God in a traditional music style.

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Step Into Leadership

Many times our ceiling for new opportunities comes from a great harvest, but the leaders are few. Take a moment to see if there is a next step in your leadership through our training, survey, or current leadership positions that you might be able to fill.

Community Engagement

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