Global Missions


Reaching the two billion people who have never heard the gospel.
Our Strategic Priorities:
  1. Taking the gospel to people with least access to it
  2. Taking the gospel to the poorest of the poor
  3. Taking the gospel to the most vulnerable and the exploited
  4. Equipping global Christians for evangelism and church planting among unreached people groups

Missions Commitment

 Missions at Black Rock is rooted in our calling in Matthew 28:19 to “Go and make disciples.” We understand this as Jesus’ command to us. Engage in this calling personally by making a Missions Commitment and joining others who are doing the same thing. Let’s spur each other on as we pray, give, and go!

A Missions Commitment is made up of three parts:

Praying, Giving, & Going.


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Submit a financial pledge and give to fulfill that pledge



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Featured Partners

This year we chose to spotlight these Global Partners through videos and other updates. Enjoy getting to know them as you connect more deeply with their outreach.

Harvest Field Training Center

Harvest Field Training Center is a new initiative of City Ministries, the ministry with which BRC Global Partners Peter and Miriam Fretheim serve. BRC is providing financial support to assist in construction of classrooms, housing and offices. The project also includes funding of agriculture, farming and water initiatives to make the facility self-sustaining and we are excited to join other partners who see the potential return on investment and are also helping build this new campus.

The idea for this center came from a growing need to disciple former Muslim background believers and equip them to effectively share the gospel as they return to their communities. The building project is well underway and we rejoice to see the progress. A chapel and some housing have been built. A well-respected Nigerian couple has agreed to head the school and there is a group of one to two dozen believers who will comprise the first class with hopes to begin this spring/summer.

Jon and Valerie Brown

Jon and Valerie Brown work among the Yanomami in the village of Budu-U, Brazil, to make disciples of Christ and establish a reproducing church. Jon’s main goal is Bible teaching while trying to establish and maintain a post in the jungle and help the villagers with projects. Valerie helps run the village school, teaches Bible lessons, and creates materials in the Yanomami language.

God is building His church in their jungle village of Budu-U. Recently, spiritually mature believers traveled from Venezuela into Brazil to encourage believers from Budu-u and other villages. They overcame travel obstacles to bring instruction from God’s Word, specifically seeking to correct lingering syncretistic beliefs.

Johnbull and Stacy Omorefe

Johnbull and Stacy Omorefe moved their family to Ghana in 2010 to create City of Refuge Ministries (CORM), serving children rescued from slavery and providing them quality restorative care and education. Their ministry includes working with communities to prevent child trafficking.

Mary and her sister Dora, rescued from harsh conditions, arrived at City of Refuge Ministries 12 years ago. Having recently graduated, Mary is now interning with CORM’s Impact One Social Welfare Department. After her parents sold her when she was young, she ended up in Togo where she witnessed children being mistreated by their masters. She wrote, “some [children] went missing, [some] were killed, and they were treated brutally. I want to change that from happening.” She plans to pursue a social work degree to help children and save them from situations like she observed and experienced as a child.

Justin and Sarah

Justin and Sarah are passionate about reaching people’s hearts with the gospel in hard-to-reach areas in North Africa, West Africa and the Middle East. They lead a team that trains local leaders through their Bible school and develops media content in French and English for children and adults.

They help run a Bible school for indigenous believers training for ministry. One of their students was encouraged to enroll by his pastor who recognized the call to ministry on his life. This student graduated strengthened and committed to share the good news about God with his tribe in their own language and has now opened his own school of discipleship that is thriving and graduating classes of their own.

Gap Year/Global Intern Program

If God is calling you to missions, He will prepare you for that work. And that is the whole point of this Gap Year program. It’s the starting point in your journey. It is the response to the prompting of God on your heart that He may be calling you to missions. If you are a missions-minded young adult, ages 18-26, we encourage you to explore this calling!

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