Global Missions


Reaching the two billion people who have never heard the Gospel.
Our Strategic Priorities:

1. People with least access to the Gospel
2. The poorest of the poor
3. The most vulnerable and the exploited
4. Local university students and children/families at risk within our community

Missions Commitment

 Missions at Black Rock is rooted in our calling in Matthew 28:19 to “Go and make disciples.” We understand this as Jesus’ command to us. We encourage you to engage in this calling by making a Missions Commitment.

A Missions Commitment is made up of three parts:

Praying, Giving, & Going.


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Submit a financial pledge + give to fulfill that pledge



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Featured Partners

Each year we feature in-depth updates from 5 of our Global Partners through video and other media. Enjoy getting to know these partners as you connect more deeply with their outreach.

“Eren & Ezra Müller”

Our mission is to help fulfill the Great Commission in Ezra’s native country: one of the largest, most unreached countries in the world, where the native Christian population is less than %0.02 Christian and where the vast majority of people have never met a Christian.


Amirah exists to provide a refuge for those seeking to break free from exploitation and heal in community on their journey toward lasting hope. We provide resources for women who have survived sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and prostitution. We do this by offering residential recovery opportunities, organizing outreach efforts, and educating communities, providers, and policy makers on the unique challenges victims and survivors face in the Northeastern United States.


The PALM ministry is to train and mentor national leaders in the Arab world and beyond to teach, disciple, and equip believers from a Muslim background towards church multiplication. We specialize in nurturing self-replicating discipleship groups and training godly leaders towards a church planting movement especially where there are no historic churches.

Mario and Dejana O.

Mario and Dejana live and minister in two cities. For half their week, they work in Vareš where they hope to establish a church. They spend the remainder of their week in Zenica, their hometown, where they took over church leadership in 2019 when the pastor fell ill and had to resign. In Zenica, they also sow seeds while providing meals and helping people in need with food, medicine, wood, transportation, school scholarships and school supplies. In a third city, Kakaj, once a month, they meet with a group of Roma people, intending to increase the number of meetings. Mario and Dejana also organize prayer walks in cities where there are no churches or believers.

World Relief

World Relief Rwanda, focusing on the Great Lakes, Southwest Region empowers and partners with the local church to create ministries that meet the needs of the most vulnerable in communities resulting in thriving families, flourishing communities and strengthened churches. World Relief uses its extensive program experience in Rwanda to build the capacity of the church to serve the community’s social, economic, health and spiritual development needs. The work is implemented through their Church Empowerment Zones (CEZs).

Black Rock Global Kids

Black Rock Global Kids (BRGK) engages kids Grades 1-5, and their families, in learning about missions, prayer for missions, and supporting missions.

Global Partners Map

Map pinpoints are not the exact locations of our Global Partners but indicate regional coverage.

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