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Reaching the two billion people who have never heard the gospel.
How can you get involved in Global Missions?

    We believe that everyone has a part to play to complete our mission, based on Matthew 28:19, to “Go and make disciples.” We understand this as Jesus’ command to us, and you can get involved by praying, giving, or even going on a mission trip. It’s all part of our Missions Commitment, and we invite everyone in the church to participate.

    You can participate through our Missions Commitment which is made up of three parts:


    Become a Prayer Partner for our
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    Submit a financial pledge and give to fulfill that pledge


    Apply to go on a mission trip. Check out our upcoming trips


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    Global Missions Blog

    It’s January and that means it’s time to consider if God is calling you to go on a mission trip this summer with one of our Black Rock teams. Registration for our 2024 Summer Missions Trips is now open and we believe God has something for you. See below for a complete list of our eight great trips and to sign up online. 

    Here are some of the top reasons to go as you pray and consider which trip is right for you:

    Featured Partners

    This year, we chose to spotlight these Global Partners through videos and other updates. Enjoy getting to know them as you connect more deeply with their outreach.

    Erin Duerr, with her degree in horticulture, serves City Ministries in Nigeria to establish farms at their teenage girl and boy centers. She wants to teach arid farming practices to north-bound national missionaries so they can have a stable food source. Erin also enjoys teaching Bible-based farming techniques, aiming to instill the kids with pride in their work by emphasizing the importance of farming. Special Saturdays with the girls involve lessons, hiking, and games to foster connection. 

    Since Erin arrived in April 2023, the farm has made progress, successfully producing rice and tomatoes. They also acquired a medium-sized ride-behind tractor. Future goals for enhancing overall farm operations include improving the watering process and setting up a research farm.

    Dan Scribner leads the Joshua Project, a missions research and mobilization initiative aimed at furthering Great Commission work by spotlighting unreached people groups around the world. Because data for ministry purposes is most valuable when it turns into action, Joshua Project’s core vision involves gathering, integrating, and distributing strategic information about unreached peoples to help organizations catalyze prayer, outreach, and church-planting for Kingdom advancement. 

    Samaritan’s Purse uses Joshua Project data as a benchmark for their goal of reaching 1,000 unreached people by 2028. In 2024, the Joshua Project’s focus will be organizational expansion as Chris Clayman (founder of Global Gates) joins their staff.

    Mission India’s vision is to see India transformed by the love of Christ. A cooperative effort between USA staff and partner ministries in India is carried out by local Christians who know the language, customs, and dangers in their region. Their three core ministries include year-long Children’s Bible Clubs, Church Planting Training, and Adult Literacy Classes. 

    During a recent visit to a Children’s Bible Club in north India nine-year-old Garu, aspiring to be a pastor, shared how the club taught him to love those who mistreated him due to his Christian faith. On the day of the visit, 10 boys attended the club because Garu chose to befriend and invite them. With a history of one in three children coming to faith in Christ through these Bible clubs, there’s hope that at least some of them may find eternal life in Jesus.

    Kevin and Cami Zwart serve with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) as country directors for Namibia and Angola. They encourage the mobilization of local mission efforts by networking with indigenous churches. As Editor-in-Chief for AfriGO magazine in English, Swahili, and Portuguese, Cami oversees African staff all over the continent. AfriGO serves to encourage the African church to send, support, and pray for African missionaries. 

    A short-term team from Black Rock is heading to Namibia this summer to encourage and support the Zwarts, see their ministry firsthand, and minister to local believers and non-believers alike. As a special highlight, one day will be dedicated to a safari in Etosha National Park to revel in the beauty of God’s creation.

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