Our Church Family

We love helping others decide Black Rock is their church and discover what it means to ignite faith in Jesus and live as a wholehearted Jesus-follower. Most people begin at Black Rock by coming to a worship service, a group, or volunteering to serve on a team through the church.

Before long, church is more than a place you only go on Sunday – it becomes your second family. For over 175 years Black Rock Church has been a family from all generations and backgrounds helping one another Love God, Love People and Serve our World. Members at Black Rock commit to live out the values of wholehearted Jesus-followers found in the Bible, letting Jesus influence every aspect of our lives.

What is Membership?

Church membership is a spiritual commitment of connection to Black Rock Church for adults who:

  • Have made a personal commitment to follow Jesus
  • Actively live out our values of a wholehearted Jesus-follower
  • Desire to share in and support the ministry of Black Rock Church

While some churches offer membership as a first step that opens doors to further connection, at Black Rock we encourage wholeheartedly following Jesus with us for 9-12 months before formalizing a commitment through church membership.

To take the first step in becoming a member of Black Rock Church, click the Interest Form to share about yourself and your participation. Once your information is submitted you will receive details on your next steps.

Wholehearted Jesus-Follower Values



Adult Discipleship Associate Director