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Serve at one service & attend another.

• Employ your passions and skills in serving God at Black Rock
• Follow Jesus’ example of meeting needs wherever you go
• Develop as a leader who empowers others to serve Jesus with joy and confidence

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Translation Team
Ministry: Students, Guest Services, Seasonal Opportunities, I'm Not Sure Where to Serve, Hospitality
Day of Week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Time of Day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Time: As needed
Requirements: Fluency in a language other than English

Come alongside someone who is not yet confident with their English language skills to help them feel more connected at Black Rock. Opportunities vary according to the needs of our church with a primary focus on written translation of growth and connection resources. Let us know your level of fluency and availability, and we will find the right fit for you!

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Step Into Leadership

Many times our ceiling for new opportunities comes from a great harvest, but the leaders are few. Take a moment to see if there is a next step in your leadership through our training, survey, or current leadership positions that you might be able to fill.

Community Engagement

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