At Black Rock we are proud of and extremely grateful for our volunteers! They make our services and events possible. However, we believe that serving is much more than making things happen: it is an opportunity to grow in your faith and build relationships! God has created you with unique passions and talents and it is our desire to help you use them to make Black Rock a powerful place for people to experience Jesus.  No matter your skill set or experience level, we would love to match you a Black Rock Serving Team!

Ministry Fair 

No worries if you missed our annual Ministry Fair this summer. You can still let us know which serving teams interest you most. Just view our Ministry Fair booklet to learn about our volunteer opportunities and let us know of your interest by filling out a sign up form. 

View Our Ministry Fair Booklet


Serving Opportunities

Sunday Guest Services

Every Sunday our guests experience Black Rock through the kindness and excitement of our Guest Services teams. These amazing men and women make the first impression on everyone who walks through our doors and help them experience Jesus powerfully in our home. Here is more information about the positions available

Parking Associate || Sundays 10am or 11:30am|| 1-2x/month – 1 hour Direct traffic and help our guests have the best Black Rock experience starting from our lot. 

Parking Tear Down Assistant || Sundays 1:00pm|| 1-2x/month – 20 minutes After the 11:30am service, help us get ready for the week by packing up the parking lot equipment. Perfect for families and for those new to serving! 

Guest Connection Agent || Sundays 10am or 11:30am|| 1-2x/month – 30 minutes Meet new guests at our Guest Reception kiosk, follow up with them during the week and encourage them to take their next step at BRC. It’s all about the personal connection! Training included. 

Greeter || Sundays 10am or 11:30am|| 1-2x/month – 30 minutes 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes during our services, greet our guests at our doors or throughout our Welcome and help them navigate our campus. 

Resource Center Associate || Sundays 10am or 11:30am|| 1-2x/month – 1 hour After our services, encourage the spiritual development of our guests by matching them to the resources available at the Resource Center.

Kids Guest Connection Agent || Sundays 10am or 11:30am|| 1-2x/month – 1.5 hours 
Welcome our families, assist them with the Kids' Check-In process and help them get connected to Black Rock community. The Kids Guest Reception Agent will be an integral part of guests' experience and the initial contact to those new at the church. Minimal follow-up required during the week, minimal computer proficiency necessary. 

We hope to match you with a serving team that caters to your passions AND challenges you to grow spiritually. 

Serving Seminar  

Join us Sunday January 7 at 10:00am for an hour long seminar to learn about using your gifts, heart, experiences and personality in serving at Black Rock.   We ask that you sign up by filling out the form below or through our app under "connect".