Living in Surrender to Jesus

For 2022, our focus is to pursue what it means to be wholehearted in our relationship with Jesus. The resources on this page are designed to help you live in surrender to Jesus.

Bible Reading Plan

In this 4-week Bible reading plan, we’ll learn about God’s covenant
promises to His people as we study the lives of Abraham and Sarah.
 This plan is designed to go at your own
pace as you decide how much to read any day during the week.


The self-assessment below helps us honestly evaluate our heart posture and take steps to grow in personal areas of weakness.

Looking for your Next Steps to grow in wholeheartedness based on your Self-Assessment results? Find your Growth Area categories and suggested resources or steps below.

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Click the box of the category you would like to learn more about for a variety of recommended resources related to that area.

FAITH: Trusting in Jesus alone as my hope for a rescued relationship with God because He loved me enough to give His own life through Jesus to pay the penalty of my sin.
 Learn More About What It Means to Follow Jesus
    Free Articles

    • How Can I Have Assurance of My Salvation? Click here
    • 10 Assurances of Salvation Click here
    • 4 Lessons We Can Learn from Doubters in the Bible Click here
    RightNow Media Resources
    • Assured by Greg Gilbert (For those who want to follow Jesus, but are not sure their faith is real) Click here
    • Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace (for those investigating the claims of Christianity) Click here
    • Need to Know by Gary Miller Click here
    WORSHIP: Reserving my highest devotion for Jesus and my ultimate place of identity in Him, because He is the rightful owner of my heart, as the one who paid to bring me back from spiritual death.
    Simple Practices
    • List truths from Scripture about who God is (Need help getting started? Click here)
    • List out personal identity statements from Scripture of who you are in Christ (Need help getting started? Click here)
    • Praise God at home, in the car, or wherever you go. Suggested Spotify playlists: Black Rock Church (Modern Style Worship), Together for the Gospel 2020 Songbook (Ancient & Modern Hymns)
    Free Articles
    • Worshiping the Infinite and Intimate God Click here
    • Self-Denial: The Cross-Shaped Path to Eternal Life Click here
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      CONNECTING: Building relationships and growing alongside others because God has adopted me into His family to love, influence and encourage one another.
      Simple Practices
      • Introduce yourself to someone at church this Sunday
      • When watching services online, leave a comment in the chat box
      • Register for Open House Click here
      • Invite someone to share a meal or coffee with you
      • Check-in with someone from a Group or Serving Team you want to know better
      Connect in a Group  (Community Group, Living Free, and more)
        Free Articles
        RightNow Media Resource
        SERVING: Living intentionally at church and wherever I go because God wants to use me to build up others and help them to know Jesus.
        Simple Practices
        • Do a specific act of kindness at work
        • Look for a way to help a family member with a household task
        • Explore volunteer opportunities within your local town
        • Pray specifically for one person at your workplace every day for a week
        Sign Up to Serve (on a team at Black Rock)
          Free Articles
          • How Should We Be Making Disciples? Click here
          • 3 Ways to Share the Gospel This Week Click here
          • Host as You Are: Practicing Hospitality as a Family Click here
          RightNow Media Resources
            • Serving without sinking by John Hindley Click here
            • A Loving Life by Paul Miller Click here
            • The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield Click here
            SCRIPTURE: Growing in knowledge of God and His plans for me shown through the Bible because God wants me to know Him and how He desires for me to live.
            Simple Practices
            • Pick a Scripture verse to memorize this week. Find suggestions here. If your child attends Kids Cove, Uptown, or the Barn, memorize their monthly verse with them.
            • If you don’t have a Bible yet, stop by the Resource Center to receive one.
            • Need help picking a Bible translation? Email groups@blackrock.org for personalized assistance.
              Topic-based Group: How to Read and Apply the Bible:
              • Learning how to read, understand and apply what the Bible says is essential for growing as a Christ-follower. Being introduced to simple tools and strategies for how to navigate reading Scripture can really help. If you are interested in a group that dives into this topic, let us know by filling out our Interest Form. Click here.
                Free Articles
                • 9 Wrong Ways to Read the Bible and One Better Way Click here
                • Why Is It Important to Study the Bible in Context? Click here
                • 3 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Your Next Bible Click here
                RightNow Media Resources
                Podcast Episodes
                • Learning to Love God’s Word Click here
                • How the Bible’s Story Changes Everything about Your Story Click here
                • Read this First by Gary Miller Click here
                • How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor by Mark Yarbrough Click here
                • Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin Click here
                • Can I Really Trust the Bible? By Barry Cooper Click here
                • God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible by Vaughan Roberts Click here
                Bible Reading Plans
                • “Thru the Bible — Gospel of John — What It Means To Believe Jesus” A 3-week journey in John’s gospel. Can be found on the YouVersion Bible app. Click here.
                • “Historical-Redemptive Reading Plan” // These 247 Bible chapters provide a framework to see the complete biblical narrative of Creation—Fall—Redemption—New Creation. Click here.
                • Find a variety of Bible reading plans here. Click here.
                Bible Study Tools Websites
                PRAYER: Enjoying a relational dialogue with God through prayer because God wants to share His heart with me as I share with Him so that my heart becomes aligned with His.
                Simple Practices
                • Start a prayer journal by creating your own or purchase a Wholehearted journal at Resource Center. Click here for tips on how to start.
                • Learn about church-wide prayer opportunities and how to receive our weekly prayer list. Click here.
                • Ask one or two people each day how you can pray for them
                Sign up to Pray for a Black Rock Global Partner
                  Topic-based Group: What Does the Bible Teach About Prayer?
                  • How does prayer work? Does God hear my prayers? Is there a certain way I should pray? Learning what the Bible says about prayer is important so we approach prayer with the right heart posture. Let us know you are interested in this type of group by filling out our interest form. Click here.
                  Free Articles
                  RightNow Media Resources
                  • A Praying Life by Paul Miller Click here
                  • Praying with Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation by D.A. Carson Click here
                  • Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney Click here
                    DAILY MINDSET: Using time and resources each day with an eternal perspective because God frees me to maximize my attention on Him.
                    Simple Practices
                    • Pray for your neighborhood while you run or walk.
                    • Explore keeping a journal about what God is teaching you.
                    • Plan a special meal as a spiritual celebration.
                    • Use meal times to talk about God with family, friends, or coworkers.
                    • Block off a specific period of time to be media-free and focus on resting.
                    Topic-based Group: Spiritual Growth Habits in Everyday Life
                    • As Christ-followers, we are called to do everything “for the glory of God”, but it takes intentionality to live with that mindset. If you are interested in a topic-based group that can help you incorporate living for God in your everyday life, let us know by filling out our interest form. Click here.
                      Free Articles
                      RightNow Media Resources
                        • The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges Click here
                        • How Does God Change Us? by Dane Ortlund Click here
                        • Faith Among the Faithless by Mike Cosper Click here
                        • The Wisdom Pyramid by Brett McCracken Click here
                        • The Common Rule by Justin Whitmel Early Click here
                        • New Morning Mercies Devotional by Paul Tripp Click here
                        • Gracelaced Devotional by Ruth Chou Simons Click here

                          Please note: These resources were carefully selected. However, the views expressed by the authors in other content may not always reflect all the theological viewpoints of Black Rock Church.

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