Leadership at Black Rock

At Black Rock we know our church’s opportunity to inspire hope and ignite faith in every person we meet comes as we grow our leadership. Many times our ceiling for new opportunities comes from a great harvest, but the leaders are few. 

Thank you for taking a few moments to read through the content on this page. As you read, see if there is a next step in your leadership through our training, survey, or current leadership positions that you might be able to fill.

Leaders at Black Rock

A “leader at Black Rock” is a volunteer who has one or more of these:

  1. Spiritual Influence (teaching/coaching/mentoring/group leader) 
  2. Managerial oversight over other volunteers (team leader/volunteer coordinator)
  3. Decision-Making power (Elders, Board, Committee, Supervisory team)

Our desire is that each leader live out these values:

  1. Worship in a Service weekly
  2. Connect in a Group
  3. Serve on a Team
  4. Living out Christian character both in the church and in your personal life – We ask all leaders to sign a character commitment.
  5. Demonstrates leadership qualities and receives a recommendation from a staff person or leader at Black Rock before taking a leadership role.

Stepping into Leadership at Black Rock

If you are desiring to step into leadership at Black Rock or grow in your leadership, please consider the following.

Take our LEAD 2.0 class

LEAD 2.0 is a 8-week seminar designed to help you become a Christ-like leader inside and outside the church. The course focuses on three areas of leadership development: spiritual disciplines of a leader, character of a leader and skills of a leader. Sign up for our next LEAD 2.0 class, which happens three times a year: fall, winter and spring.

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RightNow Media

Through RightNow Media we have three leadership courses that we would love for you to go through. If you don’t have access to RightNow Media through BRC, click here.

  • Sticky TeamsLeadership can make or break any organization. In this series, Larry Osborne shares the insights he’s gathered over his years of leading successful ministry teams. These bite-sized videos will walk you through the major points of team-building that Larry feels are most crucial for successful leadership. Learn what it takes to bring people together and keep them together for the betterment of your church or ministry.

  • 6 Tips for a Great Small Group – Equip small group leaders with practical guidance on creating friendly, efficient, relational group experience. In six short lessons, Bill Search shares simple, proven leadership skills that will help groups stay on task, remain inviting to newcomers, study the Bible well, and foster relationships. 

  • Peach Tree Leadership – Effective leadership starts with servanthood. Like the roots of a tree, leaders need to dig into the ground of their workplace, provide stability and structure, and resource their people in order to produce a fruitful environment. Peach Tree Leadership will redefine the way you lead and supply you with the tools to make healthy changes today. 

Please take 10 minutes to fill out our leadership survey so we understand your gifts, experience, and passions when it comes to leadership.

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The Global Leadership Summit

The premier leadership event of the year—brings you a two-day catalytic experience of rich learning, new ideas, fresh perspective, and inspiring stories from leading experts spanning a wide range of fields and backgrounds. 

Thursday-Friday, August 4-5 | Streaming LIVE at Black Rock Church

What’s included with your ticket:

  • Streaming LIVE in-person & available 7 days on-demand
  • 12+ High-impact leadership talks
  • Opportunity for community connection locally & online

Learn more & register 

Leadership Roles You Can Apply To

If you are interested in serving in any of these roles, please email Pastor Jeremy to set up a meeting to talk about one of these opportunities.

Kids Ministry Hourly Coordinators

As an hourly coordinator, you will manage and shepherd the small group leaders in your care. You win when small group leaders feel known, and celebrated so that they can do for their few what you do for them. You will also help Sunday mornings to flow well by helping kids transition to/from their large group, and managing your area of responsibility.

Kids Ministry Small Group Leaders

Facilitate discussions about the weekly lesson with a small group of kids and build a mentoring relationship with them so that they learn more about Jesus and grow in their faith.

Serving Coach

We believe that God created each person with skills, interests and spiritual gifts that allow them to serve and love others in a unique way. Therefore, we provide Black Rock congregants with the opportunity to serve on a team at church as a way of adopting serving as part of their Christ-centered living. The Serving Coach will support the spiritual growth of our congregants by championing the opportunity to serve on a team, guiding them to identify their skills and interests, and helping them join a team at Black Rock. 

Leadership Huddle Videos

THE HUDDLE is a NEW video resource for you as leaders and volunteers to grow spiritually, to be inspired, and to develop in your leadership at Black Rock. Look for monthly videos from THE HUDDLE to continue to grow. Thanks for serving and impacting lives at BRC.


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