Black Rock Global Kids

Black Rock Global Kids engages kids and their families in learning about missions, praying for missions, and supporting missions.

We are dedicated to teaching kids and their families about missions, praying, and giving as we know how life-changing these actions can be, both for the families that participate and the many thousands of people that benefit from their efforts.

BRGK allows Black Rock Church kids to become Special Agents for God! Kids love entering the world of special agents, being challenged with important missions, earning Mission Tags and being promoted to higher Agent Levels. Each month your special agents will hear from a missionary in the global mission field, complete their case files, learn how to pray for and support missions through giving and special projects. In other words, they will save the world, one operation at a time.


Jesus gave his disciples some very important instructions before he went to Heaven. He told them to go everywhere in the world and tell the Good News to everyone. (Matthew 28:19)


A missionary is someone sent to a foreign country or another culture within the United States to teach people about Jesus and how they can follow him. Through BRGK you will learn directly from missionaries on how you can pray and support the work they do.


Parent’s Mission

Parents, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

1. Register Your Kid

Register your kid to be a Special Agent. Every kid registered will receive a FREE KIT which contains their very own safe and cool gadgets! BRGK is designed for Black Rock kids in Grades 1-5New missions will start on the second Monday of the each month.

2. Help your kid

Help your kid to complete their monthly mission. It’s only once a month and families or siblings can work together to submit one mission report. Kids will have lots of fun learning about missions and growing in God’s word! The monthly mission will be posted below and contains a Video, Case File and Prayer & Giving File.

  • Watch this month’s Video(10-15 mins)
  • Complete the Case File(30-60 mins) (families or siblings can work togther) You can print this out at home or you can drop by the church for a printed copy.
  • Prayer and Giving File. Kids will learn how to pray for others in the world and they will gain a healthy perspective on the three main things they can do with their money: Give, Spend and Save. They will learn about budgeting, setting savings goals and helping others.

Help them to record their prayers, set a savings goal and do extra chores to earn money to help others. One of the most powerful things parents can do is create family opportunities to give. Kids will see how they’ve helped people and those moments will impact them for life!

3. Complete & email the montly mission report

Help your kid complete and email the monthly Mission Report to Headquarters ( by the end of the month, so that your kid can earn his or her Mission Tag and be promoted to a higher Agent Level. The Mission Report can be found in their free kits.(30 – 60 mins)

**An easier option is to complete and return the SINGLE page simplified Mission Report that is found at the back of the case file – it only takes 5 mins.**

After you have registered your child to be a BRGK Special Agent, you will receive an email from Headquarters with further instructions of when to pick up your Special Agent Kit.




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