Black Rock Global Kids

Black Rock Global Kids engages kids and their families in learning about missions, praying for missions, and supporting missions.

We are dedicated to teaching kids and their families about missions, praying, and giving as we know how life-changing these actions can be, both for the families that participate and the many thousands of people that benefit from their efforts.


Pray for our Global Partners with Your Kids


Jesus gave his disciples some very important instructions before he went to Heaven. He told them to go everywhere in the world and tell the Good News to everyone. (Matthew 28:19)


A Global Partner is someone sent to a foreign country or another culture within the United States to teach people about Jesus and how they can follow him. Through BRGK, you will learn directly from our Global Partner about how you can pray and support the work they do.

Extra! Extra! Pray all about it!

This month, learn how you can pray with your kids for our Global Partners and for our World.

Pray for our Global Partners with Your Kids

Meet the H Family

Serving in Spain / North Africa / Middle East

Parents: Emil and Sarah provide support to Arabic speaking Christians and missionaries working in North Africa, Central Asia and Southern Spain. The work that they do helps people living in North Africa and the Middle East learn about Jesus.

Kids: Andy will turn 5 in June. He lives in Spain with his parents.

Pray for Andy

  • Pray that Andy will have good friends in preschool.
  • Pray that Andy will know that Jesus is always with him.
  • Pray that Andy would continue to love to learn.

Meet the M Family

Serving in the Middle East

Parents: A and E work in the Middle East so that people in their country can hear about Jesus.

Kids: Matthew will be 12 in July and Mira will be 8 in June.

Pray for Matthew and Mira

  • Pray that Matthew and Mira’s love for Jesus would grow every day and that they would be assured that He is always with them.
  • Pray that Matthew and Mira would have a close relationship with each other and that God would give each of them good friends.
  • Pray that they would demonstrate God’s love among their friends and classmates.

Encourage Your Kids to Pray for the World

When your children say their prayers, encourage them to pray for people who don’t know Jesus. To help them get started, we created “Let’s Pray for the World,” a 5-day prayer activity for you and your child to complete together.