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Josh Feay - May 22, 2022

Burned Out Barry

What should we do if we have given a lot to serving God and others, but just don’t feel like wholeheartedly surrendering to Jesus right now? What if we feel tired, maybe even burned out because we have been doing so much, but right now aren’t feeling like surrendering more of ourselves? In the sermon, we will look at the life of Old Testament prophet Jeremiah and how he handled times when he didn’t feel like being a prophet.

From Series: "Honest To God"

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Josh Feay - May 23, 2021

Step Out Toward Jesus

We are all at different places restarting our lives as we emerge from the pandemic. Some of us are excited, some are scared, most of us are confused. We learn from this Biblical story that it's okay to be where we are, but we need to be stepping toward Jesus and calling out to him when we start sinking.

Scripture References: Matthew 14:22-36

From Series: "Step Out Step In Step Up: Re-Starting Your Life"

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