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Dan McCandless - April 18, 2021

A Tale of Two Sinners

We all are sinners in need of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross to pay for our debt of sin. We can lose perspective and forget this truth when we compare ourselves to others around us, thinking our sin is not as bad as their sin. But we are all in desperate need of a Savior to cover our sin and pay our debt. And the only appropriate response is to thankful and grateful for Jesus sacrifice -- and to respond in worship by loving God and loving others.

Scripture References: Luke 7:36-50

From Series: "Jesus Encounter"

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Jeremy Taylor - July 5, 2020

The Lost Sheep

The moral of the story that Jesus shares with The Lost Sheep is that he wants everyone to hear the Good News about Him. Jesus leaves the 99 to go after me, my community and those who have never heard about Him. Our choice is to be rejoicing for Jesus finding me and rejoicing with those who turn to him as we live out our faith. This week: • Meditate on the moment or process you went through when Jesus found YOU. • Share your story with a friend or co-worker this week. •Be a part of our missions program by praying or giving at

Scripture References: Luke 1:1

From Series: "Moral of the Story"

More Messages Associated With "Thankfulness"...

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