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Gaylord Lemke - September 25, 2022

Wholehearted Healing

This sermon is about helping people understand that coming to Jesus is just the first step in a life-long process of healing. Jesus said, “If I set you free, you will be FREE INDEED,” and then He invites us on a journey of inner restoration that releases us from pain. Listeners will be challenged to take a courageous step towards identifying and dealing with unresolved brokenness in their lives.

From Series: "Wholehearted Healing"

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Dan McCandless - April 26, 2020

Road to Emmaus

Once again we see how Jesus takes the initiative when He approached two travelers on the road to Emmaus, as they were heading away from Jerusalem. We learned that the two travelers weren't able to recognize Jesus, and perhaps had different expectations of how God's plan would unfold. We too can miss His presence when it's not what we are expecting, even when He is right in front of us. He pursues us even when we are not pursuing him. He comes after us even when we are walking away. Follow-up Application Pray: Lord, open my eyes to see You and see where and how You're working. I want to see what You see. Ponder: Do your expectations blind you to how Jesus is working in your life? Do your expectations need to be realigned? Invite: Invite Him into your life and into your expectations and hopes.

Scripture References: Luke 24:13

From Series: "Social Distancing"

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