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Josh Feay - November 7, 2021

How the Certain Truth of Heaven Helps Us During UNcertain Times

It is possible to be 100% certain that we are going to Heaven, and when we know that, it gives us a peace and purpose in life. If you believe and follow Jesus, you can know without a doubt that you will spend eternity in Heaven with God. That knowledge gives us a confidence and joy that helps us deal with difficult and uncertain times.

From Series: "Certain Truths...for Uncertain Times"

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Steve Treash - April 5, 2020

A Study of Psalm 23

Sometimes accepting one truth can change your whole perspective on life. In this final message on the 23rd Psalm we see how the Shepherd leads us home to a forever peace that begins right now. The Lord is a shepherd who pursues you with His goodness and mercy--this week, slow down and let Him catch you. Take time to express gratitude to Jesus for His sacrifice that brings you home forever.

Scripture References: Psalms 23:1

From Series: "RESTORE"

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