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Dan McCandless - July 9, 2023

Say The Word

We have a choice to make. We can either rely on our own merit and good works to compel Jesus to act on our behalf, answer our prayers, or do something for us as if we are worthy or deserve it. Or we can humbly approach Jesus, our compassionate Savior who, in spite of our own unworthiness, chooses to cleanse and heal us. He can and does with just a word from His mouth. He is the only one with the power and authority to provide cleansing and healing where it is desperately needed.

From Series: "Say The Word"

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Dan McCandless - April 19, 2020

Jesus After The Tomb

Social Distancing is a good strategy for flattening the curve of the Corona virus, but it is a lousy condition for a person's spiritual life -- especially when the distance is between you and God. Jesus takes the initiative to close any distance between Him and us as evidenced by His delaying His return to the Father in Heaven to comfort Mary Magdalene with His presence immediately after being raised from the dead. Jesus death on the cross not only cleansed us from sin, but gave us access to God the Father as sons and daughters. We now have the same power and authority as Jesus when we ask in His name. This week's Application: With this upgraded relationship with God since Jesus went to the cross, we are to serve and give of ourselves like He did. Simple acts of service the demonstrate the love of Jesus, that communicate care and comfort to those who are anxious and in need is the way we represent Jesus to those around us. Look for simple ways to love and serve those around you this week -- run an errand, buy some groceries, send a note of encouragement -- the list is endless. Make yourself available to meet the need of someone else in your life this week.

Scripture References: John 20:17

From Series: "Social Distancing"

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