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Josh Feay - May 21, 2023

ABIDE: The Life we GET TO Live

Often we feel stressed and overwhelmed trying to keep all aspects of our life going. We are trying to have a successful career; be good friends, parents or spouses; volunteer in our community; eat healthy, exercise, etc. We struggle to keep all the areas of our life spinning. But what if God had a better way to life? In John 15, Jesus says we can ABIDE in Him and that will produce the joy we desire and the ability to live a healthy, whole life.

From Series: "ABIDE: The Life we GET TO Live"

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Josh Feay - March 1, 2020


Just doing good is never enough to get into heaven. Believing in Jesus and following Him with your entire life is. If you believe Jesus is God then you can't help but want to follow Him. You want to live out the red letters of what Jesus says. Our lack of giving is a heart issue. When Jesus takes hold of our hearts we will give out of gratitude and worship.

Scripture References: Luke 18:18-27

From Series: "Red Letter Challenge"

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