Annual Meeting & Picnic

Wednesday, May 18

This is an important meeting and celebration for all members to attend, as well as those who call Black Rock their home church.

The picnic on the patio will include fun attractions for kids and all the hot dogs, hamburgers, salad and potato salad you can eat. We will also conduct the important business of the church, which includes a report by Pastor Steve, review and approval of both our Local Ministry and Global Missions budgets, and sharing our vision for the next year and how you are a part of that.

See the schedule of events & sign-up for childcare below!


Childcare | Sign-up required!

Childcare for birth-Grade 5 will be provided from 7:00 -8:30 PM.

“I REJOICED with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the LORD.’”
Psalm 122:1

When speaking of the past 12 months, the refrain of most people, most places, is: “I’m sad, I’m tired, and I’m overwhelmed.” It’s true that the ups and downs, zigs and zags, and various variants of the past year have brought a degree of exhaustion upon us all. Yet, for us as a church, above our individual struggles, this past year we’ve experienced together the strengthening love, joy and peace that is uniquely ours as followers of Jesus. “Let US go to the house of the Lord…” because there is rejoicing when we grow together in the Lord…whether we do it online, or in-person, or both.

I’m thankful to report that Black Rock is healthy–very healthy. As you’ll read in the pages of this annual booklet, we are financially healthy with strong giving to local ministry, Global Missions and Deacon funds. We are organizationally healthy due to the excellent leadership of our lay-Elders and Deacons and our remarkable ministry Staff. We are departmentally healthy with lives being changed in every ministry-area among kids, students and adults.

Most important of all, our church is spiritually healthy. Every week God is rescuing men, women, boys, and girls, through faith in Jesus at Black Rock. During our baptism services, we hear person after person testify how God led them to Black Rock to meet Jesus in a life-changing way. Every Sunday, dozens of guests arrive at Black Rock for the first time—and it’s exciting to think about all these new testimonies in the making!


Respectfully submitted,
Pastor Steve