Global Outreach

Global outreach is part of the very DNA of Black Rock Church. Since 1933, Black Rock has been sending missionaries around the globe in response to the Great Commission of Christ in Matthew 28:18-20. Over the past 80 years, our missionary family has grown to over 60 families and individuals serving in 30 countries. This list includes 13 “creative access” countries where there is limited freedom of religion, and Christians risk persecution for their faith.

Support Priorities
We are committed to allocating the majority of our global missions budget to support members of Black Rock’s congregation who have been called to serve as missionaries overseas. We specifically reach out to two groups of people:

The Least Reached 
There are approximately two billion people worldwide who have had virtually no exposure to the transforming message of Christ in their own language and cultural context. We are committed to sending the majority of new Black Rock missionaries to countries where the population is less than 2% evangelical Christian.

The Least Powerful
At Black Rock, we are committed to caring for the poor and underprivileged of our community, and impacting our own neighborhoods for Christ’s glory. It is our privilege to partner with several local ministries to help the poor, the addicted, the powerless, and the helpless children in our area.  


Click here to view a list of our local outreach partners. 


Our missionaries are able to do the work to which God has called them because of the prayer support of friends and loved ones. We want each of our missionaries to have at least 10 Black Rock attenders praying for them throughout the year. Please sign up next Sunday at the Prayer Partner booth where you will receive prayer cards for the missionaries you select. Missionaries will send you ministry updates and timely prayer requests throughout the year.


Our goal is to raise over $1,200,000 to continue supporting our ministry partners and missionaries who audaciously serve throughout the world. Every family or individual is asked to consider making a pledge. You can make a pledge online at www.blackrock.org/faithpromise.


Do you want God to change your perspective on needs in the world? Take the opportunity to pick up the 2016 STAMP brochure or sign up for more information at the STAMP booth today. Here’s a list of the trips this year! blackrock.org/missiontrips


Connect Ministry
We are inviting 30 families to Connect with an international student through the Bridges Ministry at University of Bridgeport. Families agree to make four or five “connections” with their assigned students during the 2016-17 academic year. Connection points might be an invitation for Thanksgiving dinner, a birthday party, accompanying the student to one of the monthly Bridges meals at the university, etc. If you are interested, please email Pastor Larry at .

International Student Dinner // First Friday each month // 6:30pm
@ University of Bridgeport 
Black Rock families help host a dinner for International Students at the Student Activity Center on the University of Bridgeport the first Friday night each month (during school year) at 6:30pm.  You can help by bringing a pot luck meal to help feed 300+ students from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East who are eager to enjoy some home cooked food and conversation with you.  Many of these students have never had a conversation with a Christian before and are open to hear about Jesus and your spiritual journey.  Contact Pastor Dan for more information.                                                                                       

Global Missions Education

Black Rock conducts two annual church-wide Missions Conferences to educate the congregation concerning the state of the global church, and to challenge the church to better serve our world. Our annual Fall Outreach Festival Sunday highlights our local ministry partners. In the winter, our eight-day Annual Global Missions Conference focuses on global missions. This is an exciting and humbling celebration of what God is doing around the world, with many of our missionaries joining us and sharing how God is using them to bring the gospel to people of every nation and language!

Prayer Support

We are committed to supporting our missionaries through prayer. Each of our missionaries has at least eight Black Rock prayer partners. If you are interested in signing up to pray for specific missionaries email Dawn at 

STAMP - Short Term Adult Missions Program

Our STAMP ministry provides opportunities for people of Black Rock Church to share Christ's love with people worldwide. These one- to two-week trips meet a wide variety of needs, from providing medical care in Africa to participating in construction projects in the Dominican Republic. Several trips are offered each year, both in the United States and internationally. These trips are life-changing opportunitiesto be a part of what God is doing across the world! STAMP teams have served in Nigeria, Panama, Thailand, Spain, Austria, Peru, Rwanda, and many other locations.  View upcoming STAMP trip destinations here.

Black Rock Student Missions

Are you a student at Black Rock who wants to get involved in what God’s doing globally? Every year, we provide opportunities for you to do just that! Club JV (7th – 8th grade) regularly sends teams to West Virginia and Philadelphia, while Fusion (9th – 12th grade) sends teams to domestic and overseas locations.

Faith Promise

Our Global Missions budget is financed through Faith Promise donations. Each year during our Global Missions Conference, Black Rock attendees are challenged to make a financial pledge to our Global Missions program. The total amount pledged helps determine the Global Missions budget for the upcoming fiscal year. We believe that financially supporting our missionaries is a privilege, and we encourage every Black Rock attendee to be part of God’s work around the world by making a Faith Promise commitment.  Our current global missions budget is in excess of $1,000,000. Click here to make a Faith Promise pledge in support of Black Rock's Global Missions Program.

Black Rock Missions Applications and Information

First Step In Black Rock Missions

Midterm Application (two year commitment or less)

Career Application (more than two years)

STAMP Application (short term trip of 1-2 weeks)

Missions Policy Handbook