Featured Partner: Urban Impact

URBAN IMPACT serves the families of the PT Barnum Community in Bridgeport, CT offering youth from the public housing complex educational opportunities through ‘in-school’ & ‘after-school’ activities. These include one-on-one and small group tutoring and mentoring with the purpose of helping youth achieve academic success, develop positive character traits and lead a fulfilling life.

You can serve with Urban Impact!

Online reading development working with students in the Elementary school. Specifically grades K-3 will have afternoon tutoring sessions virtually through Zoom or Teams using lesson plans trained by our Education Director with specific curriculum. Afternoon tutoring commitment weekly will be between 45 – 90 minutes based on lessons and student engagement. 

Target tutoring will be available for students in higher grades to help with their homework, again virtually. These tutoring sessions, again weekly will be between 45 – 90 minutes, will encompass more than just reading and will be more flexible in their times for virtual meeting.

Small group mentoring events held outside the Elementary school with Bible lessons, a meal and fun activities on Monday and Tuesday nights for different age groups. Frequent offsite trips will be planned to take 4-6 students with 2-3 mentors to local fun places building a healthy mentoring relationship sharing life and lessons with students. Weekly mentoring sessions last approximately 90 – 120 minutes depending on format for the evening on or off site.

Contact Tanja Jensen at tanja@urbanimpactct.org or 203.809.3991.

Inspiring story of how one at-risk student was mentored from second grade all the way to Dartmouth College through the outreach of Urban Impact in Bridgeport, CT.

Through Urban Impact’s PRIMETIME small group events elementary aged kids enjoy healthy mentoring relationships through Bible lessons, a meal and fun activities on Monday and Tuesday nights.