(re)Discover the Bible’s Storyline


(re)Discover the Bible’s Storyline is a self-paced discipleship focus using the book or video series, God’s Big Picture: Tracing the storyline of the Bible. No matter your experience level with the Bible, these resources will help you better see the diverse writings of the Bible as one unified story.

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How to get started

Track 1 - Book-based
  • God’s Big Picture (by Vaughn Roberts) is available in paperback, audio, or e-reader versions. A limited number of paperback copies are available for purchase at Black Rock on Sundays June 13 & 20 in the Welcome Center. You can also find it HERE. The audio version can be found at audible.com and the e-reader on the Hoopla library app or Kindle Store.
  • Each chapter concludes with Bible study discussion questions for personal use.

Estimated time investment: about 1.5 hours/unit

Track 2 - Video-based
  • Watch 9 free online teaching units (10-15 minutes each) that summarize each chapter of the God’s Big Picture book. Ideal for those who are short on time but would still like to learn about the general themes detailed in the book. Access all video units HERE. 
  • Bible study discussion questions for each unit are available to download HERE.

Estimated time investment: about 45 mins/unit

Track 3 - Book & Video
  • If time allows, we recommend reading the book, watching the videos, and doing the Bible study questions with each unit. To do that, follow both Track 1 and Track 2 above.
  • Additionally, finding a friend or two with who you can discuss what you’re learning is highly recommended for getting the most out of this study

God’s Big Picture in both book and video form consists of 9 total units. Regardless of the study track you choose, we recommend working through one or two units each week in order to complete it by the end of the summer. Additional Bible study resource suggestions will be added to this page throughout the summer for those who would like to take a deeper dive into growing in their understanding of Scripture.

Discovering the Bible’s Storyline
(for Kids)

Kids are often introduced to Scripture through individual Bible stories without understanding how they all fit together. Discovering how stories learned in Sunday School all point to one grand story of redemption through Jesus brings the whole Bible to life! To help parents and kids understand together, we’ve compiled a self-paced track for families using the book, The Biggest Story (by Kevin DeYoung).

How to get your family started

OPTION 1 - Book based
  • The Biggest Story is a beautifully illustrated kids book that helps “connect the dots from the garden of Eden to Christ’s death on the cross to the new heaven and new earth.” The book can be ordered HERE. There’s also a board book available for very little ones in the family HERE.
Option 2 - Video-based
  • The Biggest Story is available in video format through RightNow Media* HERE.
    *RightNow Media is a free resource available to Black Rock families. If you have not yet received an invitation for your free account, email Sarah (spurdy@blackrock.org)
Additional family resources will be added to this webpage throughout the summer as we Discover or (re)Discover the Bible’s Storyline together!