Featured Partner: A and E Miller

Middle East

(For security reasons, names and location are changed)

Our mission is to help fulfill the Great Commission in E’s native country: one of the largest, most unreached countries in the world, where the native Christian population is less than 0.02% Christian and where the vast majority of people have never met a Christian.

We have been Black Rock partners since 2005, and together over the years we have taken the gospel to university campuses, to the radio waves and the internet, to executives and academics, and also from our country to a number of other countries around the world.

A—originally from the U.S.—holds a graduate degree in Transformational Leadership and has built a leadership mentoring course, serving not only our organization’s 170 in-country staff, but also young local church leaders from both our country and neighboring “M-majority” nations. E is a PCC level ICF-accredited coach, and is a nationally-recognized coach and Christian: she has trained dozens of young, gained credibility with various influential coaches and leaders and greatly enjoys engaging her peers with the gospel. We also have two wonderful children who bring us tremendous joy and who are learning to walk with Jesus!