Fusion (High School)

Fusion (September - June)
Tuesday 7:00-9:15 PM

Fusion Deep End
Sunday 11:30 AM - The Gathering Room


Fusion - Tuesday Nights

Tuesday nights at Fusion are an absolute blast!   Whether you’re just checking this whole church thing out, or you’ve been following Jesus for a while - this is the perfect place to start.   Each week, high school students gather together on Tuesday nights to hang out, make new friends, play totally ridiculous games, learn from caring adult leaders, build deeper friendships, and hear an engaging, potentially life-changing message about Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity.   Fusion is fun (have we mentioned that yet?!?), relevant, experiential, relationship deepening, and a flat out amazing place to get to know more about Jesus.     

Deep End - Sunday Mornings 

Do you have a relationship with Jesus and a desire to grow deeper in that relationship?   Then dive into the Deep End at Fusion on Sunday mornings, where students get to have some fun, encounter the truth found in God’s Word, and pray with power for their schools, neighborhoods, and the world around them.  If you’re already connected to Fusion on Tuesdays, then Deep End just might be your next step towards becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus.  

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Fusion Parent Open House | Tuesday January 30 | 7:30PM
Why an OPEN HOUSE? Well, we believe that what happens at FUSION is really important and whether you are a veteran or a newbie when it comes to our ministry, you need to come out to this night to see what we are all about. Is this something that your son/daughter should be a part of?  What should you expect? Who are the adults that are leading your students? On Tuesday January 30, 7:30-9:00 pm, come get your questions answered and learn more about our ministry than ever before so that your student can make the most of their student career at Black Rock Student Ministry. 

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Young Life Bowling | Tuesday January 30 | 7:00PM
Tell all your friends about this awesome event! Who doesn't want to go BOWLING?! Join us Tuesday January 30, 7:00PM, at Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl in Bridgeport (@ Bass Pro Shop). Cost is $10, which includes 2 slices of pizza and a drink! Wear Sneakers! You will be given caps for your shoes when you get there. Bowling shoes will not be distributed. Sign up in advance to pick your team and to have a lane ready upon your arrival:

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