Our Team

Fairfield Campus (Main Campus)

Steve Treash

Senior Pastoroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 128

Josh Feay

Executive Pastoroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 125

Ken Brix

Executive Directoroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 116

Dan McCandless

Pastor of Spiritual Developmentoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 111

Donna Anderson

Assistant Business Adminstratoroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 120

Bonnie Beck

Adult Ministry Assistant & Receptionistoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 100

Susan Beniston

Kids Ministry Administrative Assistantoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext.126

Tim Blow

Lead Director of Student Ministriesoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 123

Jim Bodine

Associate Director of Techoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 155

Dawn Brehm

Director of Missionsoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext.101

Cindy Chiriboga

Kids Ministry Nursery Coordinator

Kent Currie

Director of Kids Ministryoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 108

Bob Donovan

Director of Marriage Ministryoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 113

Larry Fullerton

Missions Pastoroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 109

Hannah Guinta

Student Ministry Assistant office: 203.255.3401 Ext. 115

Priscilla Guinta

Kids Ministry Resource/Special Events Coordinator.office: 203.255.3401 Ext.126

Ada Lichac

Data Manager office: 203.255.3401 Ext. 126

Caleb Hodson

Director of Traditional Worship & Director of Community Lifeoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 129

Kerry Jelinek

Director of Guest Services & Communicationsoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 112

Robin Kick

Kids Ministry PreSchool Coordinatoroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext.126

Kimya Knecht

SHINE Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

Cindy Kydes

SHINE Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

Gaylord Lemke

Care & Prayer Pastoroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 107

Sharon Lemke

Care/Receptionist/Senior Adultsoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 124

Sue Maxwell

Administrative Assistantoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 102

John Mendez

Director of Contemporary Worship & Technologyoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 110

Kate Mendez

Cafe Directoroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext.121

Tera Morris

Associate Director of Video Arts

Chris Palazini

Associate Technical Director

Mike Plude

Facility Manageroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 105

Becky Refvik

Director of Contemporary Worship & The Arts

Pauline Santos

Director of Volunteersoffice: 203.255.3401 x122

Andy Schnepp

Director of Student Ministriesoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 115

Jeremy Taylor

Serving Pastoroffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 127

Bruce Tumyol

Director of Video Artsoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext. 152

Stamford Campus

Andrea Barnett

Administrative Assistant of Stamford Campus

Sanctuary Campus

Rob Guinta

Director of Sanctuaryoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext.134

Zach LeMien

Director of Student & Sanctuary Worshipoffice: 203.255.3401 Ext.153